How to add that classical style with wood burning stoves

It felt like it took a while to arrive, but winter certainly seems to have finally unleashed its icy grip on the UK. As you reach to turn on your central heating, you may yearn for a more comforting, idyllic and - ultimately - cheaper way to heat your home. A wood burning stove could be just the answer.

Interior design trends for 2016 are expected to head down the route of mixing future tech with traditional fixtures and fittings. Wood burning stoves, as a consequence, are experiencing something of a renaissance.

Why buy a wood burning stove?

Let’s start with the green stuff. Wood burning stoves are potentially carbon neutral; burning logs release CO2, but it’s no different to the amount generated when the wood was in tree form and growing.

So, you’ll be helping save the planet, but there’s more to wood burning stoves than that.

Far from being old-fashioned, they’ll actually lend a contemporary feel to any room they’re placed in; think James Bond at a ski slope-surrounded hideaway.

How do I chose the right wood burning stove?

Decide where the stove will reside. For most people, this will be the living room. Don’t worry about existing decor, for no matter how modern or futuristic your space, a wood burning stove will slot effortlessly in and add some classical style to your interior design.

Stoves come in a few different forms, but the key choice you’ll need to make is whether or not you have one that burns logs or wooden pellets. There are also ‘multi-fuel’ stoves which can take logs or coal.

You’ll spend a lot of time in front of your wood burning stove, therefore looks really are important. It is important to take time choosing the perfect stove for your home, because it’ll be a fixture for many years to come.

Happily, you’ve got plenty of styles to choose from:

  • Traditional matt black - usually set atop four legs, these stoves offer period-style and enduring appeal
  • Enamel - choose your colour! White, pink - the world’s your oyster and you can easily match the stove to the existing decor of your room
  • Double aspect - a great choice which offers a clean look and eye-catching 360 degree design

What about a chimney?

Wood burning stoves create smoke, and that smoke needs to travel somewhere. If your home doesn’t already have a chimney, you can take the opportunity to create a feature chimney by running stainless steel piping up through your home.

If you’ve got an existing chimney - remember to get a professional to smoke test it for safety.

Where can I find a stove?

You've come to the right place!

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