2015 Trendy Christmas Fireplaces

It’s that time of year again where you must make the dreaded journey up to your dusty attic to pull down all of the battered Christmas decorations you’ve had for years and years. Our advice? Leave them up there.

It is surprisingly cheap to replace these decorations, and 2015 is awash with new ideas and trends. We’ve looked across a lot of channels to find out what the most popular themes are for the upcoming Christmas season. Below, you’ll find our fireplace-centric list, but all of these themes and trends are present across all decor this year, so you can apply them to any room in your home too.

Little DIY trees

One thing surprisingly unpopular this year is the Christmas tradition of a green tree. Both real and artificial green trees are being swept away by a wave of “alternative” trees. What are these? Well they come in two varieties. Artificial trees are still around, but the colours of choice tend to be reds, blues or whites. The other variety are DIY trees.

These DIY trees are comprised of items such as bare branches and book, put together in the shape of a traditional Christmas tree. Both of these kind of “alternative” trees make for great fireplace decorations. Mini trees, placed by the side of the fireplace but not close enough to be a fire hazard, can help the fireplace stand out.


Bringing aspects of the outside into your home was a big trend in the larger world of home interior decorating this past year, so it is little surprise to see this trend carry on into Christmas 2015. Every catalogue we saw was littered with fake snow, frosted glass and yuletide dioramas.

The fireplace may not seem like an obvious place to put “the outside”, for obvious fire risks, but the mantelpiece can place host to many things. Our personal top choice from all of the trending decorations this year is the bare branch with fairy lights. Attaching them to the sides of your mantelpiece can really help to frame the entire fireplace.


Animals and the outside go hand in hand. You can’t move for animals associated with winter this year - penguins, polar bears, puffins, and even narwhals are everywhere.

That said, they are all a distant second to this years “hottest” Christmas animal - the reindeer. Rudolph and Co. are so incredibly popular this year, they have ousted Santa as the top choice of decoration! This may seem hard to work into fireplace decoration, but the top shelf of your mantelpiece is an ideal location to place a tiny herd of reindeer in their own Christmas card recreation.


White is literally the only colour making waves this year. Every designer is pushing white on white decor, likely playing on the “outdoors” theme with blanket snow. It may seem pretty dull, but the monotone effect is actually quite impactful, plus the neutrally coloured decorations can be reused with a variety of schemes in the future.

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