Cool Flame 500 by Planika


Cool Flame 500 by Planika

Sale price£1,998.00
Size (width): 518mm

Technical Specifications

Cool Flame 500 by Planika
Cool Flame 500 by Planika Sale price£1,998.00
Cool Flame 500 by Planika
Cool Flame 500 by Planika Sale price£1,998.00
Fuel Type

Filtered Tap Water / Distilled Water

Fuel Tank Capacity


Max Operating Time


Power Consumption



Easy Refil

Cool Flame Insert has been designed for maximum ease of use, reflected in its practical, easily removable water tank. This tank can be filled with standard filtered tap water or distilled water, which is both convenient and cost-effective. Users do not have to worry about specialised or expensive refills.

Advanced Control

Enjoy the comfort of controlling the fireplace from your couch, using an intuitive remote or mobile app. Cool Flame offers the ability to adjust the height, colour, and intensity of the flame light, allowing full control over the atmosphere without interrupting your leisure or work.


Cool Flame ensures safe use of the flame effect. The use of cold water vapours means that the device is safe in the presence of children, pets, and in public places such as restaurants and hotels, providing peace of mind without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Improves Air Quality

By using water vapour to create flame effects, this fireplace doubles as an air humidifier. Especially beneficial in areas where the air tends to be dry, helping to maintain an optimal humidity level for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment.

Realistic Sound Effects

The Cool Flame experience is enriched with the sounds of gently crackling wood. The carefully designed audio system mimics the natural sounds of a burning fire, adding authenticity and creating a cozy atmosphere.

Eco-friendly Choice

Cool Flame is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional fireplaces. Thanks to the usage of water, it is an environmentally friendly option that does not emit harmful substances, ideally fitting into any interior and positively affecting air quality.


With Cool Flame, you can customise the flame colour to your preferences, choosing from the full RGB colour spectrum. This feature will help you match the flame colour to the style of the interior or to your current mood.