Porto by Planika


Porto by Planika

Sale price£3,348.00
Colour: Laurent


Technical Specifications

Porto by Planika
Porto by Planika Sale priceFrom £3,012.00
Porto by Planika
Porto by Planika Sale priceFrom £3,012.00
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Fuel Tank Capacity


Maximum Burn Time


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BEV Technology

Planika puts safety to the highest standards. Our BEV (Burning Ethanol Vapours) Technology ensures no direct contact between the liquid fuel and the flame and complete control over the fire. The entire process is controlled by a microprocessor and numerous safety sensors. This gives you full control over the real fire in your indoor space.

Automatic BEV

Porto BEV fireplace was designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Its electronic systems are protected in a sealed, waterproof casing. The high glass shields guard the flame from strong wind blows.

Dedicated Casing

Porto casing possesses 3 finishing options to fit different interior design styles. Daze, Lunara Laurent and Kovik by Cosentino fit best in rich and luxurious surroundings.

Adjustable Flame Height

Porto allows you to choose from 6 flame height levels accordingly to your needs. The lower fire levels allow to extend the operating time up to 14 hours. Higher fire levels give significant heating power and raise the heat in the room and surroundings faster.

Easy Control Of Flame

Adjust the flame of the BEV fireplace from the distance. Porto is controlled with an included remote control, a dedicated FLA4 NET ZERO app or with an integrated control panel.

Integrated Castor Wheels

The castors in a bottom compartment allow quick and effortless relocation whenever you need it.