Senso Stove by Planika


Senso Stove by Planika

Sale price£1,609.00

Technical Specifications

Senso Stove by Planika
Senso Stove by Planika Sale price£1,609.00
Senso Stove by Planika
Senso Stove by Planika Sale price£1,609.00
Fuel Type

Bioethanol 95-96.6%

Fuel Tank Capacity


Maximum Burn Time





Pioneering Safety Sensors

Your safety is our priority. That’s why the Senso Stove is equipped with advanced safety sensors—heat and temperature, fuel spillage, and fuel level—that work in unison to keep you and your loved ones secure. Rest easy knowing that our technology is diligently monitoring every element of your Senso Stove experience.

Customise Your Flames

Imagine being able to adjust the ambiance of your space with the simple touch of a remote. With Senso Stove, you can! Our state-of-the-art remote-controlled fireplace allows you to tailor your experience by modifying the flame height to suit your mood, setting, or event. Convenience, safety, and fuel efficiency—all in one incredible package.

Auto Refil Fuel

Gone are the days of worrying about overfilling the tank or spilling fuel. Our automatic pump intelligently communicates with your Senso Stove to deliver just the right amount of ethanol. It’s a seamless, worry-free solution for a perfect flame, every time.