Bioethanol Fires

Bioethanol Fires

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Bioethanol Fires

No flue. No chimney. But you still want a real flame?

While they might sound complex, they are extremely straightforward. You simply pour the fuel into the fireplace and light it. Giving you the ambience of a real fire without a flue and without a chimney

No smoke. No smell. No mess

Using a plant-based fuel, bio-ethanol fires are extremely efficient, eco-friendly and contain zero dangerous chemicals.

Planikas's state-of-the-art BEV technology ensures the cleanest burn possible - creating no smoke, no soot and no odour. Leaving you to only have to tend to the fire itself.

Easy installation creates the possibility for unlimited arrangements varying from in the wall, to in a piece of furniture, to even in the middle of a room. 

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