The Campfire Tradition

A new fireplace will bring more than elegance and class to your living space – it brings the nostalgia of our ancestors.

Let’s set the scene: in days gone past, our ancestors would have gathered around the fire in the evenings. It was a shield against the darkness, a weapon to fight off predators with and keep them at bay. Fire was our way to light up the night, to keep the uncertainties hidden in the darkness at bay. It was our living room light. It was where we cooked. It was the heart and hearth of the home.

Installing an Inspirational Fires fireplace in your home allows you to carry on in this long tradition of preservation, protection, and enlightenment. The fire is more than just a focal point to the room. The fire is where you cook for, light, and heat your family. It is the defence against winter and against attacks in the night. We shouldn’t let the high regard for the campfires of old be forgotten. In fact, we should bring it forward into the future with us and make it as relevant today as it has always been.

The Long History of Humans and Fires

Our association with fire goes all the way back to those first ancient humans to discover it. We can trace our habitual use of fire back to caves in Israel, between 300 and 400,000 years ago[i]. Homo Erectus frequently used fire for heat, light, and food. However, scientists found evidence in a cave in Africa that dates fire to as many as 1 million years ago. In short, humans have been relying on the warmth of those dancing flames for as long as there have been humans.

Since those early days, we have learned how to adapt fire for a myriad of uses. We devised the forge and the smithing process to make tools from metals. We used our knowledge of fire to develop candles, so that we could move around in the night and still see. The spark of flame inspired the spark of electricity, only after proving that it could fuel a nation during that first steam-powered Industrial Revolution.

Fire is about more than fuelling progress, though. A warm hearth brings comfort and cosiness to a home. Here are some of the benefits that an Inspirational fireplace might bring you.

The Benefits of a Modern Fire

The modern fire tends to run on renewable electricity, as opposed to fossil fuels or wood. Unless you fancy a log burner, many fires will sport electric heaters with lifelike coals or fuel in the brazier. No matter which type of fire you have in your modern day home, expect to reap the same benefits we always reaped from having a fire light our house.

Some of these benefits include:

  • A gathering place in the centre of your home
  • Heat for all the family
  • Light even at night
  • Warmth in cold winters
  • Electric fires are powered by renewable resources if your electricity supplier uses them
  • They are affordable
  • They create a focal point in the room

For all these fireplace benefits and more, visit our Birmingham showroom and choose the new heart of your home.

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