Spring Cleaning Checklist

After months of long, dark nights, scraping ice off the car and dreading the arrival of the next heating bill, the first, fleeting signs of spring are a joy to behold. It is also the perfect time of year to treat your house to a thorough spring clean.

Spring cleaning will never be effortless, and for many, it represents the main, big clean of the year. It is therefore essential you spend the time wisely and leave no stone unturned.

To help you, We’ve got the ultimate spring cleaning checklist.


1. Ensure fire safety

If you have a wood burning fireplace, make sure you give it a good, thorough clean. Its unlikely to be called upon during the spring and summer months, but it still needs to look its best and, most importantly, not become a fire hazard. Also, don’t forget to swap out the batteries in your smoke detectors.

2. Dust thoroughly

Ok, you dust weekly, but I can guarantee there will be spots you leave untouched. A spring clean is the perfect opportunity to dust those areas which are hard to reach. Window casings, ceiling corners, behind the TV - put that feather duster to work.

3. Re-grout

You’ve noticed it for months, but now it’s time to do something about the grouting. The cement-based material used to cover the gaps between tiles is susceptible to staining and can degrade over time. If it’s particularly bad, you’ll need to re-grout, but a reseal with a penetrating grout sealer may do the trick.

4. Clean walls and ceilings

I can almost guarantee this won’t form part of your weekly clean. Come spring time, it’s advisable to vacuum dust from walls and ceilings and treat them both to a wipe with a solvent-free degreaser.

5. Shampoo carpets

As clean as your carpet may look, it is likely hiding a rather dirty secret. By shampooing the carpets throughout your house, you’ll remove deeply-ingrained dirt which isn’t always visible at first glance. You can do this yourself by hiring a heavy-duty carpet cleaner.

6. Replace lightbulbs

It’s time to replace those lightbulbs you’ve neglected. When doing so, opt for the energy saving variant; although more expensive, they’ll last far longer and you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

7. Replace carbon monoxide detector batteries (or buy one!)

If you’ve already got a carbon monoxide detector, treat it to some new batteries. If you haven’t got one, it could be one of the most important spring purchases you’ll make.

8. Polish wood furniture

Your wooden furniture can be spruced up and brought back to life with a thorough polish. Use a damp cloth to give them an initial once over and then apply wood polish to buff back up to their gleaming best.

9. Touch up paint

If decorating isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Our houses are put to good work throughout the year, and it is likely you’ll spot a few areas in need of a minor touch up. This is where keeping hold of those old paint tins comes in handy!

10. Get a chimney sweep in

If you’ve got a real fireplace, the winter months will have taken their toll on your chimney. Beside the obligatory build up of soot and ash, there may be ultra-flammable creosote lurking up there and it is best removed.

And… relax! Perform the above checklist at the start of every spring season and your home will maintain a fresh, clean feeling throughout the warmer months.

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