How to make the most of your small living room

So, you’ve got a small living room, and you hate it. But you’re not alone; millions of people have to make compromises when it comes to the size of certain rooms within their homes. But that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it or consider moving, either, because with some tried-and-tested techniques, anyone can make a small living room feel far, far bigger than it actually is.


Here’s our favourite small room expansion tips!

Opt for small-scale furniture

If your small living room contains a three piece suite, huge bookcase and multiple surfaces that include a coffee table and side cabinet, you’re inadvertently on a crusade to make the space seem even smaller than it is. Instead, only buy small-scale furniture. A single sofa, small coffee table and relocation of that cumbersome bookcase to the spare bedroom upstairs will make a huge difference.

Choose furniture that is lightweight in appearance

The ‘visual weight’ and colour of furniture has a big effect on the room in which it’s placed.

Take a heavy, dark-coloured coffee table, for example. Although not particularly large, it’s bulky appearance and dark colour scheme will constrict the space around it. Choose furniture for your living room that is both light in colour and weight. Avoid boxy pieces and opt for tables with glass surfaces to open up your living room space.

Go for neutral colours

A great way to make a small living room space appear far bigger is to use neutral colours on the floor, ceilings, walls and upholstery.

By using off-whites or beige colours, you’ll expand the space with nothing more than a paint brush. Softer hues are also great for reflecting natural light and creating a much calmer environment.

Decorate vertically

If you decorate in a way that draws the eye upwards, the vertical dimensions of the living room will add to the overall perceived space. Floor-to-ceiling storage options, drapes and curtains are brilliant ways to accomplish this and offer great practicality, too.

Artwork can play a role here, as well, by using medium-sized artwork on dominant walls to make the room feel bigger than it actually is.

Go mad with mirrors

This is the oldest trick in the book, but one of the most relied upon - and for good reason. Mirrors are magical. Place just one or two in a small room and it’ll immediately feel bigger than it is. Just like neutral paint, they’ll reflect light, too, thus making the entire space feel light, airy and grand.

The best thing about mirrors is that you can go as mad as you like. Opt for a collection of smaller mirrors, or two to three floor-to-ceiling mirrors that cover the walls with something that will significantly increase the perceived space you have available.


Still think you’ve got a small living room?

Spaces are only as small as we make them, and just one of the techniques above could be all you need to breathe new life into one of your most used rooms.

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