Creating a whole house colour palette (with the help of latest technology)

One of the first things you’ll notice about any house upon entering is the colour palette. It might hit you in the face, instantly, or it might be far more subtle than that - working itself into your subconscious and eliciting a particular emotion or feeling.

This is why picking the right colour palette for your home is incredibly important; it’ll put both you and your visitors in the best frame of mind. But how do you pick the best colour palette for your entire house? Thankfully, we now have access to a range of fantastic new tech that makes the process remarkably simple - and enjoyable. Here’s a quick guide to creating a whole house colour palette:

Open your mind

Start by leaving your preconceptions about interior design colour at the door. If you enter this process with an open mind, you’ll end up with a far better choice of palette.

Things change. The time when dark colours were a no-no for small spaces, for example, are long gone. In particular, dark colour palettes are becoming increasingly common in bathrooms - a trend you may well want to latch onto.

Treat your house as a blank canvass and tell yourself from the outset that you won’t be governed by old trends and ideas.

Use a visualiser

Remember when to test colours out, you had to head to your local DIY store, buy some tester pots and brushes, and fill your wall with dabs of colour to try and work out what works best?

Granted - most people still do that, but few would argue it isn’t particularly efficient. Imagine instead being able to visualise what the entire wall would look like in any number of colours.

Now, you can do just that, thanks to Dulux’s  Visualizer website and smartphone app.

By using some very clever coding and augmented reality techniques, Dulux makes the process of visualising any one of their huge range of colours on the walls of your home simple and addictive.

Here’s the Visualizer in action on iOS:


Get inspired by web content

The Internet is full of brilliant how-tos and advice blogs that will help you choose the perfect colour palette for your home.

From tips on how to save money if you want to go down the traditional route of buying sample pots, to inspiration in the form of original imagery of homes that have chosen bold colour palettes, all you need is your tablet, a free space on the couch and a hot beverage to get planning.

Final thought: the future

With augmented and virtual reality technology slowly making its way into the mainstream, apps like the Dulux Visualizer will only become more common and increasingly proficient at helping you realise a colour scheme before reaching for the paintbrushes.

wall painting

It’s an exciting time for interior design and technology, so why not combine the two and choose the perfect colour palette for your home?

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